New Year: Same Old You

Happy New Year everyone!

When the clock struck midnight did you transform into the person that you’ve always wanted to be? No? How disappointing! Maybe you didn’t use enough fairy dust? … or the spell wasn’t quite right – you did say the magic words didn’t you? And you span round three times?

Ok then Cinders, it’s back to the drawing board! Maybe we’ll get it right next new year’s.

…Or maybe it just wasn’t realistic!

When talking about new year’s resolutions for 2011 I noticed that about 75% of people told me that their resolution was to “win the lottery”. So these people have started their year with a plan that they have very little control over (and before you tell me they have no control, they can buy a ticket – that’s control!)

The other 25% told me that in 2011 they were going to be fit, make more time for their families and friends, have a better work life balance, take up a new hobby, drop a dress size and get a promotion. When I asked them how they were going to do all of that they told me “well it’s just what I want to do”.

When I see them next I’ll find out how much they’ve done towards their goals. The truth is, those who want to win the lottery will probably already have bought a ticket, they’re taking control!

The point to this ramble is that despite the uncharacteristic pleasure of staying up until midnight, you are the same person at 1 minute past 12 as you were at one minute to. You are no more likely to achieve everything you want by simply saying it than you are to win the lottery! So if you have goals you really want to achieve this year, make a plan. If that seems too much effort, guess what? You don’t want it enough! If you really want this, you’ll make a plan and with prompts and guidance you can be the person you want to be just in time to come up with another person you want to be by next new year’s! If you’d like a free starter plan, drop us a comment or an e-mail and we’ll send you one to get you going.

Good Luck!

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