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With a coaching division dedicated to excellence

We have over 70 professional, international coaches available. We are able to provide many native speaking European coaches. All of our coaches are professionally trained and accredited and most have held senior, responsible, line management roles in major multinational organisations. The majority also hold post graduate qualifications in areas of corporate expertise.

We believe

Every organisation and every client within each organisation is unique and every coaching intervention must equally provide organisational and personal development benefits. We work with the whole person, including beliefs, values and identity topics to identify, measurable objectives and enable our clients to implement goal-orientated outcomes.

Your coach is a trusted partner

Who adds positive challenge and new perspectives to your thinking processes, in a non-judgmental manner. Our 1:1 coaching interventions can be booked in clusters of six sessions or an intensive 6-8 hour ‘breakthrough session’ to accelerate resolution of a specific personal or work-based issue which is preventing you achieving your potential. We also offer ‘on-site’ coaching surgeries and  coaches on annual retainers and we are delighted to design services to suit your commercial or personal needs.

As one of the leading, international, professional coaching organisations

We commit to full confidentiality and to the Code of Practice of the Association for Coaching (AC),  and the Philosophy and Standards of Ethical Conduct of the International Coaches’ Federation (ICF). Feel free to contact us is you would like to chat or if you want to check availability.

Feel free to contact us is you would like to chat or if you want to check availability. Or you can go right ahead and make an online booking with one of our coaches now.



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