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Coastal coaching is a creative intervention for those who have an experiential learning style and want to escape city life and gain energy and inspiration from the sea air. It is available in spring and autumn and your coach will be professionally qualified.

A ‘coastal coaching' session is a very confidential, powerful and intensive form of coaching which will typically take around 4 hrs on the beach at Holkham or Wells-next-the-Sea in North Norfolk, with follow-up Skype support where required.

Clients coming to coastal sessions are often short of time and/or have a goal (personal, family or organisational) that they really, really are committed to achieving with a sense of motivation and purpose within a frame of congruence and alignment.

Clients must be prepared to take risks, play and commit to change.

The coaching structure may include the following techniques;

  • Pre-session questionnaire, possibly psychometric questionnaire
  • Agreeing the contract, boundaries and structure for the session
  • Understanding the concept of ‘cause’ and ‘effect’
  • Dreaming the dream and setting compelling outcomes – what are the possibilities for change?
  • Creating the dream (using one or more fun and interactive exploratory exercises (e.g. beach walking, sand drawing, reflection and contemplation)
  • Caring conversation - possibly within a beach hut environment
  • Bringing your dream into your current reality
  • Follow up Skype conversations

All of this will happen in a confidential and safe environment. Safe practice is hugely important to all of our team.  Light refreshments are included. We choose a pace to suit you.

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