Professional Development Assessment


Professional Qualifications Assessment and Verification

If you are new to the world of coaching, we recommend that you read this guide before you choose a course.

Qualification and Curriculum Framework (QCF) :

There are a number of initiatives and developments taking place across Europe to help you to transfer your work skills, or to continue your education or training in other countries. They help make sure that training, skills and qualifications from one European country are trusted, valued and recognised in other countries. You may find it useful to set up your own Europass profile.

The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) links different countries’ qualifications frameworks together. It makes the level of qualifications easier to understand across different countries and systems in Europe. It can help you compare your qualifications with those of other countries if you are moving from one country to another for work or continuing your education or training e.g. a Masters degree is at Level 7 in the UK and across Europe.

Each country within Europe and many outside have worked out how to compare their qualification levels to those in the EQF. The organisations responsible for this in the UK are:

  • England and Northern Ireland: Ofqual and CCEA
  • Scotland: Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework Partnership
  • Wales: Department of Education & Skills, Welsh Government

Many countries harmonise their qualifications to the British Ofqual system.

The Performance Solution therefore gain accreditation for the majority of our international programmes under the Ofqual system and can also provide qualified and experienced assessors and verifiers for other trainers, who do not have the skills or the interest in the assessment processes. Most of our own programmes are at Level 7, which is professional and post graduate level.

Programmes that we assess for skills learning, professional memberships and post graduate qualifications;

  • ICF ACTP qualifications (Level 7) including mentoring for accreditation and portfolio preparation
  • NLP Practitioner Certificate (Level 7)
  • NLP Master Practitioner Certificate (Level 7)
  • NLP Trainers Training (Level 7)
  • Chartered Engineer Applications for IET
  • External examiner for Doctorate programmes (Warwick University)
  • Accreditation of Prior Learning for various qualifications

If you have a need for qualified, experienced, reliable assessors and verifiers for one off or regular assignments, do bear our team in mind. We also run assessment centres to assess individuals against in house competences and psychometrics for recruitment and development purposes.