Other Assessment Tools


We will work with you on confidential recruitment projects, recruitment and development assessment centres, conflict resolution, team development and top team board alignment. We are now able to provide feedback on even more psychometrics including:

MHS EQi (Emotional intelligence)

This powerful psychometrics measures a person’s response to questions based on 5 areas of emotional intelligence: Self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal, decision making and stress management. An overall report is then produced which scores the individual against a norm range. If you would like to find out more please contact us today. You can also download a free sample here.

Assessment centres for recruitment or development using these reports are available.


CEB/SHL are arguably the largest producer of reliable and valid psychometrics in the world.  As well as the whole suite of ability testing, the following reports are available through TPS:

OPQ32: The OPQ32 is a personality assessment that produces a clear report to show how personality impacts on job performance. The OPQ32 is widely used in recruitment and appraisal meetings. Download a sample report for free here.

Universal competence questionnaire: The Universal Competency Framework (UCF) measures the main competencies required for working in a wide range of roles within any organisation. To find out more click here.

Motivation and culture questionnaires: Both motivation and corporate culture questionnaires are indispensable in order to get the best out of employees. These can help to understand the ways in which teams, departments and entire organisations work together and how to implement the best strategies to motivate staff further.Contact us to find out how these questionnaires could help in your organisation.