Coach and Mentor Supervision


Research from the 6th Ridler Report shows that the need for coaches to be supervised is overwhelmingly recognised with 88% of organisations agreed that coaching supervision is a fundamental requirement for any professional coach, and 55% strongly agreeing with this statement.

However, less than half of the organisations were confident that their coaches are in supervision (47%), and felt that unsupervised coaches expose coachees to unacceptable risks (48%).

In addition, anecdotal evidence from interviews with survey respondents suggests that most organisations are not monitoring their coach’s regular use of supervision. Coaches therefore need to be explicit about their supervision provision.

With Internal Coaching set to grow within 75% of organisations surveyed, with some expecting a 25% increase internally, this a relevant time to review and enhance your internal coach supervision facilities.

With 16 years in the industry The Performance Solution are well placed to both supervise and to mentor coaches for their professional qualifications. We provide:

  • 1:1 Coach and/or Mentor Supervision with qualified and experienced coach supervisors

  • Individual mentoring for ICF qualifications via the portfolio accreditation route.

Through our extraordinary passion for professional coaching practice, we partner with individual coaches, mentors and NLP professionals to enable you to ‘up your game’ to the level which is appropriate for you. We believe that “to be alive is to learn” and therefore as well as providing Coaching and Mentoring Supervision in the commercial world we donate time to supervising those working in schools and the charity sectors.

Our belief that Supervision is part of a continuous and shared learning process, meaning that we apply our non-directive and non-judgemental coaching models to our supervisory work, both for individual and group supervision sessions. We partner with you on a journey of exploration about your practice. We use creative tools en route to broaden perspectives and awareness and we are happy for you to bring whatever topics are important for you to investigate. This could be reflecting on challenging clients and situations, enabling you to get presence and balance in your life (not just your coaching work) and ensuring you are ‘safe to practice’ – from legal process, physical, intellectual and emotional well-being. We will also help you plan and reflect on your personal and professional development.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to chat or if you want to check availability.

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