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“As investment in Coaching grows, so too does the need to find ways of quality assuring the services provided, to sustain and develop the coaches who are providing them and to find ways of drawing out the organisational learning from the many coaching conversations taking place”. CIPD Ref; 3850 (2006).

We believe all coaches must be qualified in order to provide a professional benchmark. We have qualified mentors available to provide the 10 sessions of individual mentoring required for the portfolio accreditation route for ICF.

The 10 x 1 hr(s) sessions will take place on Skype and will include listening to a recording of your coaching and feedback on your practice and the development of your practice against ICF Code of Ethics and Competences.  We will work with you to develop a bespoke process for you.

This intensive coach mentoring programme is designed for candidates, who have successfully passed a Certificated Coaching programme, have, or will have, a minimum of 750 hours client coaching and who wish to develop to become a Professional Credentialled Coach with ICF. The programme consists of 10 hours of Coach Mentoring, usually by telephone, from a professional Coach Mentor. Delegates also complete an audio taped coaching session, and a portfolio of information including a log of coaching hours and interventions.

Why attend?
An effective, safe and empowering Coach Mentoring relationship is fulfilling and rewarding for the experienced practitioner and can also take the form of Coaching Supervision. This Mentoring programme provides you with the opportunity to reflect on your own skills and develop a structured approach to your coaching work that is grounded in professional practice. We will review your work against the standards required to gain PCC accreditation through the ICF and provide a double check for your portfolio before submission. We will give feedback on your coaching by reviewing your recorded sessions. In some cases we may recommend you first apply for ACC accreditation.

Your Coach Mentor
You will be supported by an experienced and qualified coach who has already achieved PCC or similar accreditation and who is conversant with the needs of ICF.

What is included?

  • A portfolio workbook for completion during the Coach Mentoring process
  • 4 hours of 1:1 Coach Mentoring by telephone
  • 6 hours of Buddy or small group Coach Mentoring by telephone or as an action learning day
  • Reference letters where appropriate

International Coaching Federation
The ICF is becoming firmly established in the UK as a pragmatic yet robust professional association for coaches. For those who work multi-nationally it provides the core professional support system, wherever your work may take you. Clients are now very informed about quality coaching and look for coaches that are professionally trained and supported and it is this developing standard that has led to recent uptake in ICF credentialing.

For more information you can download a PDF using the link below. Feel free to contact us is you would like to chat or if you want to check availability.

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