Clean Language & Sandplay


Creative Coaching: Clean Language, Symbolic Modelling & Sandplay

If you are new to the world of coaching, we recommend that you read this guide before you choose a course.

Why Attend?

This course is for coaches, NLP practitioners or therapists who are looking for a new way to work with clients. Clean language is a way of working with individuals and groups that enables the coach, easily and elegantly to keep his/her own presuppositions, assumptions and metaphors out of the conversation, as far as possible, avoiding leading the client and so enhancing work with the client’s perceptions at the very deepest level.

This technique can be used with, or separately to, Sandplay. The technique of Sandplay allows you to work with clients in a safe environment where issues can be externalised through metaphor and can be literally overcome.

The metaphor techniques you will learn on this 2-day course will help you to see into your client’s world while remaining outside of it.

These metaphor techniques have a variety of uses which include:

  • Highly confidential coaching, mentoring & exploration
  • Creative coaching & mentoring
  • Facilitation of teams
  • Market research and focus groups
  • Academic research
  • Strategic visioning & blue sky thinking

Our Methodology:

  • We use double loop learning to ensure you learn about yourself, as well as the skills, knowledge and understanding you need to be the best coach you can be
  • We are interactive with demonstrations and practice as well as knowledge input.
  • We create an informal and relaxed yet challenging environment.
  • We move from knowledge sharing and input to experiential and interactive sessions through the course.
  • We help you to solicit and generate high-quality feedback.
  • We create space for group discussion and sharing interests.
  • We work with cross-cultural examples.
  • We tell real life stories about our own experiences in coaching.
  • We find opportunities to play with the creative coaching tools.
  • We develop ‘safe’ coaches who work with integrity.
  • We walk our talk.
  • We have FUN!

Clean Language and Sandplay

During the certificate programme delegates will:

  • Be continually observed and assessed in their coaching by peers and experienced coaches using clear criteria.
  • Observe and assess peers in their coaching and use coaching to aid the planning and development of a personal learning programme.

Please note: This course gives ACSTH or CEUs with the ICF.

Course Content:

  • The basic clean language questions & how to ask them for maximum effect.
  • The practice of Sandplay and its applications
  • An understanding of metaphor and how the metaphors we use influence our behaviour.
  • How to develop a client’s metaphor both visually and verbally.
  • The ability to listen to our clients at a deeper level so they are truly on a journey of discovery.
  • The use of clean cards (developed by Sylvie de Clerk & Jenifer le Gandt).
the performance solution clean langauage

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