Conflict Management & Mediation


Conflict often arises because human beings process information in a huge variety of ways. In addition to this, differences in values and conflict can arise and run away with situations, giving rise to feelings of ‘stuckness,’ 'stagnation' and ‘lack of control’.

We work with individuals and groups, to enable understanding of the various behaviours, beliefs and preferences that contribute to conflict and to leverage difference to enable a common understanding. By working in a safe environment with a trusted advisor, you can turn conflict to advantage and re-energise yourself, your colleagues and your situation. This can be done through individual, pairs and team work and may include completion of online questionnaires to provide 'evidence' of difference.

For more information you can download a PDF using the link below. Feel free to contact us is you would like to chat or if you want to check availability.

Download our guide to Conflict Management & Mediation here