Performance Breakthrough Sessions


From time to time we all realise that we are not fulfilling our potential, and we may sometimes notice that this happens persistently and/or in more than one aspect of life. The Performance Breakthrough process is designed to help people go beyond any perceived blocks, whether in a work, sport or a personal situation, to achieve breakthrough results, FAST.Why Have a Breakthrough Session?
Here are some of the reasons:

  • To make a quantum leap in performance
  • To realise your true potential, personally, professionally, in sports and financially
  • To improve your mental toughness
  • To finally remove that nagging issue which holds you back

How much would that be worth to you (or your organisation if you are responsible for their performance) to remove any personal barriers to success?

Typical issues addressed can be;

  • Limiting beliefs and unresourceful habits
  • Relationship issues
  • Communication problems
  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Over-reliance on ‘props’ to manage their lives

And these can be in the personal, family and professional arenas.

The breakthrough structure will include the following techniques;

  • Pre-session questionnaire, possibly psychometric questionnaire
  • Agreeing the contract and boundaries for the session
  • Understanding the concept of ‘cause’ and ‘effect’
  • A ‘lifelines’ exercise to elicit patterns of behaviour and important values
  • Releasing negative emotions and un-resourceful habits
  • Dreaming the dream and setting compelling outcomes – what are the possibilities for change?
  • Creating the dream (using one or more fun and interactive exploratory exercises (e.g. Clean Cards, Sandplay)
  • Integration of all parts, aspects and perspectives
  • Bringing your dream into your current reality

All of this will happen in a confidential and safe environment. Safe practice is hugely important to all of our team.  Light refreshments are included. We choose a venue to suit you.

What is Involved?
Once you and the coach have agreed that the Performance Breakthrough Session is the most appropriate way to provide results quickly, the coach will ask you to answer some pre-session questions.

Typically the Performance Breakthrough Session lasts 4-6 hours, and is done in one day, at a discrete premises or on the beach in North Norfolk. Light refreshments are provided.

You will be asked to complete a pre-session questionnaire. During the first half of the process the coach asks you a series of questions, including how you will be completely confident by the end of the session that you have had your Breakthrough. The main purpose of the questions is to get to the nub of the issue.

The second half of the process is aimed at helping you remove the issue, using creative techniques. The process continues until you know without doubt that you have had your Breakthrough.

Who will be my Coach?
Dr Sally Vanson: DBA, MSc, PCC, Master Trainer & Practitioner of NLP, experienced & accredited professional Coach or an equally qualified colleague if more appropriate.

How Do We Do It?
The questions that the coach asks have been specially designed and refined to provide the foundation for the Breakthrough to happen. These questions plus our experience and tenacity leads to you realising what the key issue really is.

Once this is done, the ‘change work’ is relatively straightforward, and uses many of the leading edge techniques within NLP and Professional Coaching.

This combination of:

  • Our experience
  • Our tenacity and challenge
  • The process itself

leads to you having a life-enhancing experience.

Sessions cost £1250 + VAT.

Who can Attend?

  • Breakthrough sessions are available for clients who have no previous psychological history or who have never seen a counsellor, psychologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist.
  • Anyone who wants to breakthrough to their own personal success.

Caveat: These sessions are not therapeutic and are not suitable for anyone suffering from depression, trauma or other psychological disturbance. You will be asked to disclose any current medical condition or any medications prescribed.

What Next?
For a confidential, no-obligation discussion contact Dr Sally Vanson at: