We appreciate client feedback to enable us to ensure that we provide the best possible service. Please see below for recent feedback from clients.

Thank you for some sound advice and guidance over the last six months. It’s been really appreciated. Your ability to support me to think creatively and your awareness of my changing thought processes has enabled me to plan both personal and business change in a new and more effective way.

Director W.H. Smith

Sally, thank you. I left so much clearer about so many things; stuff I knew but was blocked at accessing, that’s where you were invaluable. Since then I have reframed, mind mapped, understood, raised my awareness and gone inside. Your kindness and willingness to engage and help were key to resolving the situation I had created for myself. I haven’t stopped smiling!! Thank you.

Freelance Coach and Consultant

Your ability to get to the root of my issues so quickly and in such a safe and supportive yet challenging way have enabled me to move forward and the impact on my team motivation has been incredible. Using my limited budget for coaching sessions with you over the next year will be the best investment I can make.

Senior Executive, The London Stock Exchange

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity of working with Sally in a couple of different capacities, and continue to work with her on an ongoing basis. On every occasion I benefit from her experience, knowledge, insights and challenges. I value her perspective on commercial matters as well as matters of personal and leadership development. I find her a pleasure to work with and have no hesitation in recommending her.

Debra White Owner
Debra White Business Coaching

I’ve had occasion to refer to Sally on a number of occasions (as head coach for PPD Consulting, head coach for PPD Learning and also prior to that). I’ve always found her a very useful source of information and willing to help where ever she can. I’m looking forward to working with her again in the future.

Adie De Coursey
Quiddity Solutions

I have had the pleasure of being involved with Sally and The Performance Solution within the capacity of Executive Coaching and my position of Chief Executive of a charity dealing with poor and vulnerable children. Sally had demonstrated a great professional attitude and has impressed me and my colleagues both with her humanity and her generosity in applying her personnel and business resources into making a difference in the work place and in our international projects. I have no hesitation in recommending Sally and The Performance Solution to you.

Bill Huxley
Destiny Life Counselling & RHM

Sally is an impressive trainer and coach who can transform individuals and teams alike through powerful questions, stories and exercises. She deeply cares about people and has a great sense of humour and takes responsibility to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients.

Stephanie Quappe
Principal, Intercultural Change Management

Sally is a thoroughly experienced and renowned professional specialising in Organisation Development, specifically utilising NLP and coaching amongst many other tools. She and I share the facility as the only two consultants in the UK qualified and authorised by Robert Dilts to have extended access to the tools and processes designed by him and to utilise the NLPU brand and for Practitioner Training programmes.

Chris Bond
Learning and Development Director, Vision Development Training Ltd

Sally is incredible to work with. For increasing business capability and resolving business and organisational challenges, she is unsurpassed – she can take the most complex situations and readily work out most appropriate and expedient way forward for an organisation, team or individual. She has an amazing capacity to be totally strategic, yet at the same time swoop down and deal with ALL the relevant detail with skill and imagination. Sally is an accomplished, highly experienced and sincere trainer/coach achieving the highest standards with creativity and ease. Very highly recommended!

Sue Barley
Director, Sea Change (UK) Ltd

Sally is an extremely client focussed coach and consultant who always delivers above the clients expectations. She has a wealth of experience at senior levels in a wide range of industries which she brings to bear whenever she works with new clients. Her interpersonal and rapport building skills are truly excellent and her reputation for coaching and leadership is truly deserved.

Dr. Allan Parker
Director and Partner, Hanwell Consulting.

I am inspired and motivated. I can’t wait for the next module.

Founder, Kyle & Irving

Sally’s skills as a coach and coaching supervisor are fantastic. She is hugely knowledgable and provides robust challenge. Her vast skills and experience as a coach and supervisor coupled with her warmth and integrity mean that I highly recommend her. Her top qualities are great results, expert, high integrity.

Gavin Preston

I just wanted to let you know we are having some great development discussions with employees who have recently completed the questionnaire, what a great tool!

Louise Gurr
Senior HR Business Partner, GMAC RFC

The training day was very worthwhile & instructive. The group dynamic was excellent and well led by Allan. This subject matter is so interesting to me & I am delighted I was able to attend.

Deborah Sandford
Manager, OPDC

Succinct, to the point and fun. Performance Solution does what is says it would do!

Saundra Daniel
Volunteer & Events Coordinator

An excellent course and a very valuable tool to add to my H.R. practice.

Kathy Osbourne
Kathy Osbourne HR Consulting

A great introduction to Extended DISC, a powerful tool for coaches and trainers alike who are focused on improving individual & team performance.

Philip Moody
Director/Executive Coach, Red Catapult Ltd

Making me think in a different way with regard to individual & team dynamics.

Georgina Parker
H.R. Manager, Eastbourne Homes

Excellent day – enjoyed group discussion & learning new skills.

Stephen Pauley
Corporate Coach, Your Business Matters Limited

Yet again Allan has provided a first class learning environment. Thankyou – Extremely useful and grateful for Allan’s helpful, skillful and excellent approach.

Judith Underhill
Director, Your Business Matters Limited

Very helpful and knowledgeable. An enthusiastic and approachable trainer. Thank you.

Bernadette O’Mahony
Director, Bridge

I appreciate the experience, professionalism and examples brought to the training. The keen sensory acuity and questioning is key for me and the specific approach to coaching is a model I want to emulate.

Carol Harper

This is exceptional. Initially I had a few reservations, however as the days unfolded I could not believe how much sense Sally’s teachings made, she has a knack of making you think for yourself and I enjoyed the mix of theory and practical exercises.

Christopher O’Neil
M.D. Leapfrog International

Fabulous, the depth of experience and expertise felt to wide, foundational and grounding. The facilitator exuded patience and understanding and I had a feeling she was so trustworthy. I just loved the way the exercises build on each other to consolidate what we’d just learnt and then expanded to incorporate the next step.

Jayne Jubb

Gave me lots of ideas for managing difficult situations in the workplace.

Joan Twitchett
ONEL, Head of Podiatry

Essential tools to manage a complicated service.

Paul Hodson
ONEL, Matron

Excellent training course. It will be useful at both professional and personal levels. I have to say that everyone who attended the training enjoyed it very much and they have all started using their NLP and coaching skills at work which is fantastic!

Maria Ioannidou
ONEL, Head of Service Redesign

I searched for some time to find a suitable post graduate programme and I found it! Hugely rewarding and practical. It provides a rich mix of experiential work based learning and I would recommend this course to anyone interested in personal and business excellence.

James Anderson Dixon
Nationwide Building Society

Thank you for an exceptional learning event over the past few days. I left the course absolutely exhausted. I do not know if this was due to lack of days off in the last couple of weeks or simply the high demands of the course. Regardless, I am having a day with my Glasgow client and then leaving for Dubai at 6am tomorrow morning. Yes, I know anything to get away from the freezing temperatures. My head is buzzing with systemic leadership; I have been on Amazon buying some of the books; I have been searching the internet for a couple of articles to take away with me; I am letting my unconscious mind work on the questionnaire that will form part of my project and I keep thinking about my courses and how I can ensure that the systemic dimension is usefully captured. All in all, one of the best three day courses I have attended and a confirmation not only of the value of the MSc but the value of the content. I am looking forward to the next module with you.

Ian Thomson
Leadership International Limited

I learned so much about myself on the first day of our leadership programme, I think this awareness has saved my marriage.

General Manager, Hotel Group

Thanks for two very stimulating days and thanks for your patience whilst I at least grappled at the richness of clean language very much in conscious incompetence! Look forward to connecting again.

Liz Barnes

Many thanks to you and Ilaria for delivering the recent Associate Development workshop in London. The feedback that I have seen over the last two weeks or so has been universally positive. I personally also felt that the event was very upbeat and motivational throughout – it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. I know the delegates all got a lot from the two days and I look forward to following up with them individually. Once again, many thanks for meeting our needs to the highest professional standards despite having to endure the rigours of the Strand Palace Hotel over the two days!

Mike Hazell
Bevan Brittan LLP