Sandplay Sessions


Sandplay is a creative and fun way to open possibilities for the client by means of toys and icons bound (or not) by the sandbox. The client is helped to discover their compelling goals and create their future through free and creative play using unconscious processes to inform and extend the coaching conversation. Based on the work of Carl Jung, unconscious needs are brought to fruition.

Rather than projections by the coach/therapist, we wait for the client’s inner wisdom to unfold in metaphorical pictures and for the interplay of relationships to be discovered. The coach will work gently with the underlying processes and the symbols which enable the client to find new ways of being.

Should the client find it difficult to share content, the Sandplay process can be worked through metaphorically with no sharing of the real issue.

Sandplay is useful for;

  • Self-discovery
  • Exploring difficult and emotional situations
  • Finding ways forward from a ‘stuck state’
  • Changing attitudes and responses to situations
  • Enhancing well-being and relationships
  • Giving meaning to everyday life
  • Developing balance between personal and professional worlds
  • Facilitating conversations with small children
  • Dialogues between couples to work through challenges in their relationships

A session will typically take 2.5 hrs

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