Team Goal Alignment


For many of us, current business conditions are the most challenging in living memory. In these unprecedented times our organisations – and the people in them – are looking for leadership.

But what does it take to be effective now?

Just when we’re most tested, we need to be operating at peak performance. Offering clarity and certainty, maintaining morale, distinguishing ourselves in our marketplace, positioning ourselves for the upturn. All at a time when our people may be distracted by understandable fears and concerns and in an era when the old models of power no longer work.

Research just published confirms that best-in-class companies:

  • Focus on what they can control
  • Leverage a blend of leadership styles
  • Engage teams, rally them round a common purpose
  • Create the right working climate for everyone to perform at their best

We are committed to supporting you in not merely surviving this downturn, but in readying your business for a thriving future. We’re currently offering a limited number of half-day workshops on Team and Goal Alignment designed to:

  • Identify the critical areas for your business to focus on right now
  • Identify the most powerful leadership behaviours for your needs
  • Develop clear messages for your teams, both verbal and non-verbal
  • Identify and correct mismatches in perception and expectation
  • Optimise budget allocation
  • Identify and plan for key staff development needs

The workshops can be held at your place of business over half a day, minimising cost and time away from work.

We are committed that this service is accessible to as many organisations as possible. Small and medium-sized businesses may also be eligible for government funding towards investment in your employees’ skills and development. Contact us for more information.

group of business team standing in a row