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mBIT Certification Training

If you are new to the world of coaching, we recommend that you read this guide before you choose a course.

Become an mBIT coach with a professionally certified mBIT Trainer

“Learn simple and powerful techniques to detect and overcome issues where your client’s head, heart, gut and brains are NOT aligned.”

Designed and developed by Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu, mBIT enables us to establish communication with our multiple brains, ensure each brain is operating from its highest expression and then apply that highest expression for greater wisdom in decision-making and action-taking.

This is where neuroscience meets ancient wisdom!  Informed by the latest Neuroscience findings, along with techniques and concepts from Positive Psychology, Cognitive Linguistics, Behavioural Modeling and NLP, you will learn leading edge models for aligning your head, heart and gut brains and producing incredible results in your own and other’s performance. This 4 day Masterclass runs twice a year in Bath or Cambridge and on successful completion you will become an mBIT Certified Coach with access to a global community, resource library and support network.

Why Attend?

Do you ever have clients with the following brain integration issues?

  • Internal conflicts between their thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Repeatedly not acting upon or sabotaging their dream, goals and plans
  • Doing unwanted behaviours or habits and don’t know why and have difficulty stopping
  • Challenges in making decisions or are unable to motivate their ‘self’ to take action
  • Chronically experiencing disempowering emotional states such as frustration, depression, anger, anxiety etc
  • Chronic health issues, especially those to do with the heart or gut region e.g. speedy palpitations, hyperventilation, IBS

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Who should attend:

This training is great for Professional Coaches of all types, counsellors, trainers and educators, leaders, managers and mentors as well as those wishing to move into these areas of work. Really it is for anyone who needs to coach others to produce effective results that can only be achieved when head, heart and gut are aligned.

Get ahead of the game and take this training now to become one of the leaders in this globally emerging and exciting field. You can use it to make yourself stand out from your market place, as well as massively boosting your coaching effectiveness by learning to align your clients’ autonomous nervous systems (three brains).

You will learn how to tap into the power of your client’s innate intuition and the wisdom of their heart and gut brains. Learn how mBIT can streamline your coaching processes to gain quicker, deeper and more generative results and finally you will gain access to a professional network and collaborative community of ‘multiple brain coaches’ that are working together to bring evolutionary change to the world. You can progress to the next level and become an mBIT Trainer.


mBIT Course details

As well as the 4 days exhilarating training you will receive your own copy of the mBIT book, your mBIT coaching licence and access to a virtual community of global mBIT coaches with a frequently updated electronic library of resources.

During the programme delegates will:

  • How to recognise and interpret the different languages of your three main intelligences
  • Deep insights into how your multiple brains produce internal conflict and what you can do about it
  • How your gut and heart brains are able to learn and grow new neural pathways and how you can actively educate them for greater intuition and better decisions
  • How to balance the autonomic nervous system through the mBIT
  • Balanced Breathing method to quickly relieve stress and balance your sympathetic and parasympathetic systems

Please note: although this course is part 1 it is also a stand-alone course for those who do not wish to pursue personal credentialing with the ICF.

This course is accredited by ICF for 32 ACSTH or CCE.