ICF European Conference Paris 2010

Allan and I have just returned from Paris for the ICF conference. Here’s a quick summary in pictures of our time there:

It was a great opportunity to meet up with some of the UK ICF team and discuss the upcoming 2012 conference which is going to take place in the UK!

We were able to catch up with some of our European associates: Flaminia Fazi of U2Coach in Italy and Silvie de Clerck, creator of the Clean Cards in France.

We’d also like to thank some of the excellent speakers we had the opportunity to see. I particularly enjoyed the following:

Ervin Lazlo who spoke about a shift towards a new civilisation and bifurcation in complex evolving systems.

Trinh Xuan Thuan, whose speech was entitled “The Big Bang and after: Man’s place in the Universe”, gave us an insight into astrophysics on a very human level.

And David Whyte who I have now seen 3 times didn’t fail to disappoint with his talk on “Life at the Frontier: The Art and Science of Courageous Conversations”. His discussion into the essential elements of real conversation carefully highlighted the art involved in coaching and the importance of communication in leadership. The Beyond Partnership has invited him to the UK several times and he is well worth seeing.

And thank you to the organisers for some inventive conference ideas!

To see all the photos have a look at our facebook page.

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