This week I wrote a guest Blog for Jeff Weigh’s Rise and Shine Blog. Just a few thoughts to get you thinking over your morning coffee.

This morning I’m thinking about Hope.

That old thing left in Pandora’s box.

But instead of being the last out, I’m thinking about hope as the first.

This was brought to my attention by the football this weekend. Don’t worry if you’re decidedly ignoring the World Cup, this isn’t football focussed! I just realised that all these people Hoping their team would win were acting on that basis. They are supporting their teams because they Hope for a win.

When you start with “what you want to have happen” in a coaching session, aren’t you really starting with hope? Reach as far as you can, imagine the best possible outcome – what are your Hopes and dreams?

Without hope there can be no defined action.

We have to hope in order to act.

So hope is no longer something controlled by the fates, a last resort. Hope is our starting point, we can control what we hope for and that hope will spur us into action.

So why not start out by asking yourself; “What do you hope for?” – the answer might just be different to what you expected.

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