Guest Blog…….Day 1

Over the next nine days I am attending The Performance Solution’s Higher Professional Coaching Certificate Level 1 course, and as I am fairly new to the world of coaching, I decided it would be a good idea to share my thoughts on how my introduction into the coaching arena progresses throughout the course. So over the next nine days I will be entertaining you all, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comments box, and I will try my best to answer them.
So day one, and what a day it has been! The morning session started off with an introduction to coaching, I found this really useful as a beginner with little coaching experience as I find the coaching world can be very complex and sometimes confusing when it comes to accreditation and associations, even some of the experienced coaches had questions especially as accreditation for coaches is moving towards change.
Throughout the day we looked at various aspects surrounding the structure of coaching such as the 7-eye model and the set up for coaching. However I think the most important part for me was learning more about the ICF competencies, and what skills I would have to illustrate in order to meet those competencies. By going through them stage by stage I was aware of the areas that I feel I needed to develop upon, for me there are two main areas I believe I need to focus on for my own coaching development.
Firstly I feel that I needed to revise the coaching ethics and standards of the ICF so that I have the ability to apply them appropriately in all coaching situations.
Secondly and probably the most important to me was how to direct communication, to give me greater ability to communicate effectively during coaching sessions by using language that has the best positive impact on the client.
At the end of day one I am able to see the areas I need to develop in order to be the best coach I can be and I have a much clearer understanding of the coaching world amongst other things.
So an early night for me as I am up tomorrow for another insightful, knowledgeable and more importantly fun packed day!!

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