Guest Blog …….Day 2

Day two covered various elements of social psychology and their uses in coaching.
I have to say that my favorite part of today was learning about life scripts. Before today I really hadn’t thought about have much scripts can inform our responses in certain situations, and learning more about them has made me question certain beliefs and thoughts I have about both myself and the others around me so much so that I have found myself thinking more actively about the reasons behind my feelings and perceptions.
I also enjoyed a very open and frank discussion we all had about psychometrics. My previous thoughts were skeptical to say the least as I believed that psychometrics were used as an exercise to ‘put people in boxes’ this was established by previous experience I had with psychometrics being used as a tool to weed out people in the beginning stages of some recruitment processes. I now realize that in these cases the psychometrics weren’t perhaps being used in the best way as a part of a much bigger picture and it was great to hear other delegates’ perceptions on them.
Today has been a real eye opener for me primarily as it was the first time I have ever been coached (well consciously anyway) it was great to have the shoe on the other foot and see a session from a clients perspective.
Towards the end of todays session I had a definite eureka moment where I realized just how instrumental coaching can be in numerous different circumstances, so today was a definite winner!

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