ICF Membership Eligibility requirements

Following the ICF Membership Eligibility Requirements (M.E.R.) announced July 1, ICF has fielded questions from members around the world looking for more information. A complete Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document is available at www.coachfederation.org/MER.
Here is one of the more frequently asked questions:

Do I need to send in my training certificates, school transcripts, or documentation of hours?
No, initially you will be asked to verify that you’ve fulfilled the membership eligibility requirements by declaring your completion of at least 60 hours of coach-specific training. Remember that you are bound by the ICF Code of Ethics (which prohibits mis-representation of coaching qualifications), and the ICF will also retain the right to verify a member’s coach training hours or proof of accreditation from a coach training programme at any time.

Find additional FAQs, including the requirements of M.E.R. and how the ICF ACTP training is the one to achieve here

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