Employee Outlook Survey

The latest Employee Outlook survey from the CIPD has found that too many managers have an inflated opinion of their ability to manage people. The survey shows that 72% of employers report a lack of leadership and management skills. This ‘reality gap’ in the capability of the UK’s managers, is undermining attempts to boost economic growth. In response, we’re urging the Government and employers to recognise that just a small increase in capability amongst people managers would make a significant contribution to productivity and this starts by getting them to take a good look at themselves. Using developmental assessment centres as a launch for action learning based leadership programmes can include behavioural and emotional intelligence analysis as well as reviewing the potential of these managers. Reviewing and evaluating their performance on ‘real world projects’ brings new insights and learning directly into their daily work and 1:1 coaching supports challenging personal transitions. Developing your senior executives and managers in this way optimises the time spent away from work and brings an immediate impact to your organisation.

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