The NLP Professional by Karen Moxom

Sally has just finished reading Karen Moxom’s book “The NLP Professional”, we hope you enjoy her review…….

This book is a delight to consume in depth when first starting your NLP business and for seasoned NLPers to use as a reference guide and keep on the bookshelf. As well as being an easy and entertaining read, it is full of tips and references, all of which will guide your business planning and development process. It provides a framework for ‘being’ a professional and highlights the pitfalls that many NLPers have fallen into, while gently challenging those who have not yet been as congruent and ethical as the profession deserves.
Karen modestly shares her own journey into the NLP world. Her unique experience of ‘having lived the profession from a meta position’ enables her to provide expert guidance on how to ‘get it right’ from the beginning in a style which is full of common sense, integrity and fun!

Sally Vanson
Director of post-graduate NLP and Coaching programmes; The Performance Solution

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