The beginning of the year saw many delegates on our MA programme graduate either with Postgraduate certificates, Postgraduate Diplomas and of course Masters in Coaching and NLP.
TPS are thrilled to have so many Graduates finishing the programme and producing some exceptional pieces of work. We wish them all the very best for the future and i am sure we will keep in touch.
Some Graduates sent us photo’s and a few words about graduating……





“I am so glad that I took opportunity to wear the board and gown and to take part in the Graduation ceremony. I admit to being a little hesitant at first; usually, I’m a bit shy about ceremonies. Katie insisted and I’m so pleased she did because it was the perfect way to complete my MA journey. Every step of that journey – especially the challenging times – felt worth it when I graduated. A fantastic day!”

– Bob King




“The graduation was a journey of learning and exploration as well as reflection.It was an honour to graduate and it was great to meet so many amazing people on this learning journey .It has changed my life and opened many new doors “

– Ugesh Rattay

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