Performance Breakthrough Sessions

Do you find that you keep repeating a pattern that hinders your success in a specific area of your life?
Are you willing to explore your true potential? …then you are in the right place.

Performance Breakthrough Sessions are for those who from time to time realise that they are not fulfilling their true potential. The session process is designed to aid people go beyond any perceived blocks for any situation and in any environment and to achieve breakthrough results rapidly.

But What Happens in a Performance Breakthrough Session?
Once you and the coach have agreed that the Performance Breakthrough Session is the most appropriate way to provide results fast, the coach will ask you to answer some pre-session questions. You will also be asked to complete a pre-session questionnaire. During the first half of the process the coach asks you a series of questions, including how you will be completely confident by the end of the session that you have had your Breakthrough. The main purpose of the questions is to get to the nub of the issue.
The second half of the process is aimed at helping you remove the issue, using creative techniques. The process continues until you know without doubt that you have had your Breakthrough.
Typically the Performance Breakthrough Session lasts 4-6 hours, and is done in one day at discrete premises in Bath, light refreshments are provided.

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