Once a year a group of amazing people get together in one place, for three days, under one theme…

Creating History!!!

The W.I.N. Conference gathers people who recognize the call to shift to a new level of consciousness and create a future that benefits all. This meeting is inclusive, international, sophisticated, unique, high content, magic and increasingly relevant. Some return to join year after year while others are new, participating for the first time. They come from all over the world, have different ages, numerous professions and a variety of responsibilities. They allow themselves to flourish, creating interesting careers, contributing to making their work sustainable and in small and big ways serving with their uniqueness to a world in transformation.
They are gathering in Rome between October 5-7(8) and this is the final call for you to join them…
Here are some of the 750 people who will be there:

Sally Vanson (British), Founder and CEO,The Performance Solution
Emma Bonino (Italian), Vice President, Senate of the Italian Republic
Umran Beba (Turkish), President, PepsiCo Asia Pacific Region
Marguerite Barankitse (Burundian), Founder, Maison Shalom
Dominique Turcq (French), President, The Boost Institute
Saadia Zahidi (Pakistanian), Senior Director, Head of Constituents, World Economic Forum
Dr. Kumkum Malik (American), Founder, Dr. Malik & Associates
Karen Tse (American), Founder and CEO, International Bridges to Justice
Dr. Jemilah Mahmood (Malaysian), Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Humanitarian Futures Programme at Kings College London
Lorella Zanardo (Italian), Author & Director, Il Corp delle Donne (Women’s Bodies)
Prof. Nuria Chinchilla (Spanish), Professor, IESE Business School
Gabi Zedlmayer (German), Vice President of Global Social Innovation, HP
Avivah Wittenberg-Cox (French/Canadian), CEO, 20-first
Jeanette Horan (British), CIO, IBM
Mikael Ohlsson (Swedish), President & CEO, IKEA Group
Hélène Ratte (French), Consultant, DIVERSEO
Helen Wyatt (British), SVP HR Category & Global Functions, Unilever
Jennifer Rickard (American), Chief Diversity Officer, Hewlett-Packard Company
Jean-Michel Monnot (French), Vice President, Group Diversity & Inclusion, SODEXO
Wendy Papworth (British), Diversity Leader, IBM Corporation
Fabrizio Castlelucc i (Italian), Professor of Leadership, SDA Bocconi
Dr. Debra Clary Gmelin (American), Corporate Director, Humana, Inc
Zoe Yujnovich (Australian), President & CEO, The Iron Ore Company of Canada, Rio Tinto
Yolanda Hegngi, PhD . (American/Cameroonian), Founder, Stimulus, LLC
Binna Kandola (British), Senior Partner, Pearn Kandola
Dr. Amany Asfour (Egyptian), President, Egyptian Business Woman Association, Business & Professional Women Egypt BPW, Egypt African Alliance for Women Empowerment, Afro Arab Network from Women Empowerment
Dr. Lyly Rojas (Nicaraguan), Humanitarian, Professor of Humanization of Global Leadership/Corporate Social

Follow your intuition, clear your agenda and treat yourself and your company to this marvellous spa for the mind and soul. Become a part of it – now http://www.winconference.net/eng/WIN-Conference/2011-global-W.I.N.-Conference/Registration-Information.
Sally Vanson looks forward to welcoming you in Rome!

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