Guest Blog ….Day 9 – The Final Day

Wow so the course is over, all the delegates (including myself) have completed our practical assessment, now all that is left is to do our open book exam.
It has been a intense nine days but I can say for most if not all of us it has been a journey in one way or another and I think all of us will be using the skills we have acquired over this course throughout our lives. My journey has been about self realisation and I can confidently say that although many of my goals changed throughout the course I still explored all of them. I now have a new set of goals and objectives in which to explore, but I don’t think we ever stop learning and exploring as life is all one big adventure.
All the people that I met on this course are amazing, interesting and inspirational people, each person brought something different to the course and to the experience and I think the reason I learnt so much about myself on the course is down to these people.
I would really like to thank Sally and Allan from The Performance Solution for giving me this opportunity for self discovery and I would also like to thank the other delegates for supporting me and helping me along the way. So as the Vulcan’s would say…..Live long and prosper.

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