Guest Blog….Day 5

So today involved language, which involved looking at presuppositions, mind reads, organ language and of course clean language. The majority of the afternoon focused on using clean language in coaching, I found it especially interesting to learn about the life, journey and teachings of David Grove in addition to the work James Lawley and Penny Tomkins’ did on modeling David Grove. However when I watched a demo of clean language being used in a coaching session I found myself wondering why the coachee wasn’t feeling confused by the questions and frustrated with the session. It wasn’t until I became the coachee that I realized that when you are being coached the session becomes so reflective (well for me anyway) that the structure of the sentences didn’t matter and everything thing just seemed to fall in place. Having finished the session I went away feeling that both the coach and I had undertaken a very deep journey and I had come back feeling an increased level of my own awareness.
Another interesting and insightful day and tomorrow is Extended DISC training so watch this space……

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