Guest Blog…..Day 4

Wow what a day, I can’t believe it is only day four, I feel like I have already come so far and learnt a wealth of information.
I think today has been my favorite day of the course so far, for many reasons but the main reason would be my introduction to archetypes which I shall digress further later on. So today we covered several creative coaching areas such as logical levels and Robert Dilts’ five pillars of the coaching container which I all found equally interesting and insightful. However I am going to focus on Archetypes of Change, at first I was very skeptical about the model as to me from an outside perspective they seemed rather ‘airy fairy’ and far too touchy feely for my rather structured and logical mind. However I was pleasantly surprised when I got to use Archetypes in a coaching session, I felt a complete fluid movement through the session, I was able to zone in on the client and which resulted in creating a really good connection between myself and my client. At the end of the session my client commented at how powerful the session had been for them and that they felt excellent process had been made.
So for me I felt that in fact I was in my coaching element and this is definitely one of my favorite tools I have come across so far which surprises me as I mentioned before, so I am really looking forward to more surprises along my journey throughout the rest of the week.

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