Dr Simon Western’s Analytic Network Coaching workshop

We are all getting excited about Dr Simon Western’s Analytic Network Coaching workshop, 10-12 December in Bath. 20 people are signed up and we have two places left, so if this is the year you want to really up your game in coaching we will delighted to see you.

Please contact enquiries@theperformancesolution.com to secure your place.

Simon coaches senior leaders and CEO’s, who want to work on themselves, to focus on their desires, defences and their authentic self. He aligns this to their role, and then they work on the business and organizational strategy. This is value based coaching for business. With teams he specializes in team dynamics, working on strategy and creativity, working with confidence and clarity in the most challenging and senior teams. They work and learn; making strategic decisions, whilst learning about team dynamics, and personal strengths and challenges. In OD Coaching he brings together personal learning with OD interventions; Learning from each other, creating coaching cultures, forming new leadership cultures, whilst delivering business results; all supported by coaching/mentoring initiatives:

Analytic-Network Coaching is a new concept in coaching, that addresses the challenges facing individuals and organizations in the 21st century.

A-N coaching is a process specifically designed to take the coachee on two trajectories:

  1. Individual Analysis: on a journey of inner-depth, before working on relationships and role
  2. Network Analysis: examining the context and network to strategically influence change

Most coaching approaches aim for behavioural change to improve performance, using coaching tools and techniques, that neither focus on depth (personal values, neither do they address the persons context or network, in which they live and work.

The A-NC process enables the coach to work systematically and adaptively and the aims are; To discover deep personal insight and apply this to desired change, To liberate individual talent and encourage acting in ‘good faith’, To maximise a leaders influence on their networks, To develop Eco-Leadership, a new paradigm of leadership (Western 2008, 2010)

To download information on the Analytic Network Coaching, click here :

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