Coaching Super-Vision: Superman or Lex Luther?

What’s coaching supervision all about? Someone watching you, pointing out your mistakes and giving you a bad mark at the end of the session? Is it designed to restrict a coach’s freedom to coach in the way that they want to? Is it to create a mainstream coach, one size fits all?

We’d love to hear your views. At The Performance Solution, our in-house blogger Meg has been asking coaches what they think of supervision and she’s received some really interesting comments and started some controversial debates. But it wouldn’t be fair to ask you if we don’t tell you what we think:

At TPS we’re committed to supervision. Because we see supervision as a power that Super-Coaches have. Just like superman, your supervisor should be able to see into the effects coaching is having on YOU, the coach. We often forget that coaches are not brick walls that the problems of others bounce off, they are sponges who soak up all the concerns that their clients bring to them. And although they are trained not to let these concerns trouble them in their day-to-day life, they are still human (unlike Superman…). So your supervisor is not there to judge or restrict you. Your supervisor is there to coach you, because no matter how good a coach you are, you can always call for back-up.

If you think you could be a coach supervisor, ask us about our 3 day certificate in coaching supervision.

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