WIN Conference

There are only 4 weeks to the opening of the 14th Global WINConference where I have the priviledge of being invited to be one of four resident coaches.
There are outstanding individuals attending this year from company CEOs, Presidents, Managing Directors, Professors, Entrepreneurs, Artists and Consultants.
Kristin Engvig, W.I.N. Founder and Director says that “ I am struck with admiration and humility in the face of all the care I witness people contributing to the WINConference, whether as speakers preparing their speeches, workshop leaders testing their approaches, musicians rehearsing, sponsors looking to make the right choices, team members working so hard and participants busy organizing their time to step outside their lives and spending hours creating their new profiles for the conference book….. “
What extraordinary achievements! I feel both extremely enthusiastic (and touched) about how this entire journey is moving forward, for all the women joining, for W.I.N. as an organization, for everyone following it and even for myself. Despite all the problems in the world, I really feel there is a transformation afoot and all of us are part of this change. A change which is happening to each and everyone of us as individuals and on a collective level.

There will be close to 1000 extraordinary women and men attending and thousands with us in spirit. We have knowledge, skills and experience. It would be impossible not to create something amazing together. It is so clear, with the times in which we live, that we need exactly this vision, collaboration, sensitivity and team work to create new solutions. We may not even know what is we are looking for but we trust and we are open and willing to receive and be inspired.

I am looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible in Rome on 5.6.7 October and there is still time to register at

With warmest wishes

Sally Vanson

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