New and Improved ICF Credentialing System

As the profession of Coaching becomes self regulated, it is becoming more and more important to get your credentials. ICF have updated their online credentialing system. Instead of the sluggish, cumbersome system that has been in place, ICF has redefined its user experience with an enhanced, more streamlined system. The new online system offers a wealth of new benefits for those seeking one of the ICF’s three credentials. A major benefit of the new credentialing system is the ability to keep a history of all previously completed forms and past interactions. Now when a user logs in they can clearly see any and all documents or forms they may have completed or started to fill out. This added feature now provides the user a simpler way to
access their information.

One of the major issues with the previous system was the amount of time users had to spend searching to find the requirements for their particular credential. With the new system, only the forms that are required are presented to the user. This feature has simplified the application process and greatly reduced the number of applicants who had been submitting an unneeded or incorrect form. This improved system also allows ICF to review applications faster. The review of applications is an important and time consuming process for ICF staff. In addition credential applicants will now receive a much shorter service time while waiting for their application to be processed.

With the implementation of system updates, ICF has been able to study and monitor the complexities that make up the application process. More importantly, ICF can now target problems regarding a user’s application experience that were not possible under the previous system. System enhancements allow staff to track these problems as well as make adjustments to forms and instructions based on user feedback. This ability to quickly identify and respond to issues meets with ICF’s goals of continuous improvement of the applicant experience.

Currently, ICF is planning to introduce several more significant changes to its credentialing system. Users can look forward to seeing online renewal applications for credentials, which will again save members time and effort when going through the application process.
A new and improved Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) calendar is also being worked on, so that members will be better able to plan ahead and schedule their programs. The desire to integrate as much CCE information as possible into the credential management system is a driving goal behind system upgrades. Eventually ICF would like to eliminate the need for credential applicants to keep paper copies of their CCE information.

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