Make a difference!

What are you going to do this year to make a difference?
Going through my emails I received over the Christmas period I came across an update from The Way of Joy project in Romania, the newsletter shared some of the experiences the children that we sponsor had over the festive period. The Way of Joy project along with financial help from businesses and individuals organised a couple of parties where the children received gifts, food, fun and laughter and the children were able to give a gift of poem’s and Christmas carols to their proud families.
Its reading newsletters, articles and stories like these that make you really think about the difference you can make on the lives of those around you, which why Businesses like ourselves feel its important to give something back. TPS currently sponsor two children through People against Poverty, TPS are also members of business against poverty; a community of business people who care about the issues of poverty and ethical standards and are taking action. In addition to this our client support consultant Ailsa Macintyre has recently taken part in Scuba Santa 2011 and helped to raise thousands of pounds for RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute).
So with this in mind what are you going to do this year to make a difference? Any suggestions for 2012 would be greatly welcome by our team.

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