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International Coaching Federation is looking to up its game and they want to recruit the best in the industry to participate. As they work to launch an improved Coaching World, will you partner with them to advance the professional coaching industry? Submit an article that meets the requirements to editor, Lindsay Bodkin, or just send her a note to inform her you’re interested in contributing at

Your commitment
Participation can range from simply responding to a question or two for a quote in an article to writing a full article. It means you’re willing to contribute to Coaching World occasionally (about two times a year) whether it’s just one statement or a full article. The Coaching World editor will keep your name on a list of contributors and would contact you if your area of expertise is a good fit for one of our issues.

The benefits
There are a lot of benefits to contributing to Coaching World, but the most obvious one is building your brand and extending your marketing efforts for free. Let us highlight a few:
• Position yourself as a thought-leader on a given topic that advances your brand.
• Promote your brand. Every article will have an author’s bio and this is where you can include links to your website, your blog, your Facebook page, your Twitter handle, your latest book, etc.
• Build your professional network. You will instantly have recognition among more than 18,500 professionals who receive Coaching World every quarter.
It’s win-win! In exchange for contributing high quality content to Coaching World, you have the opportunity to build your brand for free!

The Facts
• The purpose of Coaching World is to resource professional coaches in order to advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching.
• Distribution via email: 18,500 ICF members worldwide.
• Opportunities for readership growth are good as it’s available to an unlimited number of people on the website.
• Intended audience: professional coaches.
• Coaching World is a quarterly publication.
Full Article Requirements
• Between 800 – 1200 words.
• A four sentence bio must be submitted (with any promotional hyperlinks – i.e. blog, website, Facebook page, etc.) along with a recent headshot.
• The article must fit into the overall theme and goals of an upcoming issue.
• The piece must, in some way, further ICF’s mission to advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching.
• Writer must be willing to work with the editor to ensure the article reaches its full potential.

For any questions, concerns or commitments please contact

* Content taken from ICF September members update.

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