A thought on being “Made Redundant”

I think a lot about language, and the actual meaning of the words we use. So here’s some definitions I looked up:

Prepared, created, designed, formed, produced, to cause to exist or happen, bring about, to bring into existence by shaping, modifying, or putting together material, construct, to form by assembling individuals or constituents, to change from one form or function to another

Superfluous, outmoded, disused, unnecessary, without purpose, needless, purposeless, pointless, obsolete, unessential, not required, unwanted, uninvited, unsolicited, unlooked-for, dispensable


Made redundant=
Created unnecessary
Designed without purpose
Produced needlessly
To bring about pointlessly
Prepared Obsolete
Constructed uninvited
Formed Dispensable

Is this really the message we want to put across?

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