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Here at The Performance Solution, we are absolutely committed to coach mentoring and

enjoy partnering with our clients to ensure they meet the ICF standards.

Whether you are applying for a credential via the portfolio route, are attending our ACTP

programme or are an ACC wanting to renew your credential, we are happy to have a

Skype call to discuss your needs and suggest the most appropriate mentor for you.

We also offer ongoing Coach Supervision for professional coaches.

We believe in giving back to the profession so we don’t charge huge fees for individuals.

From 1st April 2017 your investment is £100 hr inc VAT.

All our Coach Mentors and Supervisors are qualified, are PCCs in good standing with

many hours of coaching and the majority also train on our ACTP programme which is

now in its 12th year.

All Coach Mentoring/ Supervision happens on Skype and we can offer it in English,

Italian, Arabic and Norwegian, with French and German coming on stream shortly.

We commit to the professional standards and code of ethics of the ICF – the following

FAQs may also be of interest.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding ICF Credential Renewal

Q: How can I find out when my credential is due for renewal?

A: Your credential expiration date may be found on your ICF Credential certificate provided when

your credential was awarded or renewed. ICF Members may access their credential information by

logging into the Members section of our website, and clicking on “Manage My Account,” then “Edit

Contact Information.”

Q: What are the credential renewal requirements?

A: Participation in at least 40 hours of Continuing Coach Education (CCE), or 40 Continuing Coach

Education units (CCE units), completed in the three years since the initial award of your credential or

since your last credential renewal, with at least 24 hours/units in Core Competencies. Beginning in

2016, ICF Credential-holders will be required to demonstrate completion of at least three (3)

Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units in the area of coaching ethics to be eligible for renewal of

their ICF Credentials. This requirement will apply to all coaches whose ICF Credentials are slated to

expire on or after December 31, 2016. View the ICF Ethics CCE Course. For ACC renewals, an

additional 10 hours of Mentor Coaching is also required.

Q: Do I have to complete an additional 10 hours of Mentor Coaching each time I renew my ACC credential?

A: Yes, all ACC credentialed coaches are required to complete an additional 10 hours of Mentor Coaching in the three years since the initial award of your credential or since your last credential renewal. This requirement is intended to promote your continued growth as a coach and help move you to the next credential level.

Q: Can two ACCs mentor each other for credential renewal?

A: Yes, you can serve as another ACC’s mentor for 10 hours, and they in turn can mentor you for another 10 hours.

Q: What is CCE/What are CCE units?

A: Continuing Coach Education (CCE) is defined as an activity that promotes your continued growth as a coach. CCE is divided into two categories: Core Competencies and Resource Development. Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units are earned upon completing Continuing Coach Education.

Q: What is Core Competencies CCE?

A: Advanced coach training, published writing, or research directly related to ICF Core Competencies.

Q: What is Resource Development CCE?

A: Training, writing, research, or self-study outside of the ICF Core Competencies that contributes to the professional development of a coach.

Q: How many self-study CCEUs are eligible?

A: You may submit up to 16 hours/units of self-study Resource Development CCE.

Q: What is an example of self-study CCE?

A: Listening to an Archived Virtual Education session or a recording of an ICF Event is an example of self-study CCE.

Q: Can I earn Core Competencies CCE with self-study?

A: Any course taken as self-study is considered Resource Development CCE.

Q: What is the most cost effective way to get CCEUs?

A: Membership with ICF Global provides a wealth of cost effective ways to get CCE. ICF Members receive discounts on a variety of offerings, including conferences and events (both local and global), ICF Credentialing applications, research findings, and other special offers. Members have access to member-only content on Coachfederation.org, including free ICF Virtual Education and Archived Learning that can be completed for CCE units.

Q: If I complete more than the required CCE units for credential renewal, can I use the excess hours for a future credential renewal?

A: You may only submit CCE units completed within the three years since the initial award of your credential or since your last credential renewal.

Q: How can I renew a lapsed credential?

A: If your credential was due for renewal less than 1 year ago, you may still be eligible to renew by submitting additional 1.2 CCE units for each month your credential is lapsed.

Q: My credential was due for renewal more than 1 year ago; can I still renew?

A: If your credential was due for renewal more than 1 year ago, you are no longer eligible to renew. You will need to begin the credential process again by submitting a new individual credential application.

Q: Where can I find training?

  • CCE Approved Providers, ICF Chapter and Community of Practice events. Go to ICF Event Calendar.
  • Individual courses within an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) or Approved Coach Specific Training    Hours (ACSTH). Go to ICF Training Program Search Service.
  • ICF Conferences and Events. Go to ICF Conferences and Events.
  • Virtual Education Sessions. Go to ICF Archived Learning.

Q: How can I find out if the training I completed is ICF pre-approved?

A: The organization where you completed your training can provide that information. You may also use our Training Program Search Service (TPSS), and search by the training organization’s name. If the training organization has an approved program, it will be listed in our TPSS.

Q: Can I submit training that is not ICF pre-approved as CCE?

A: You may submit training that has not been approved in advance by the ICF involving live, voice-to-voice interaction between instructors and students as CCE, but there is no guarantee that it will be accepted as CCE.

Q: What if I submit training that has not been ICF pre-approved and it is not accepted?

A: Your credential renewal application will remain “in process” to allow you time to complete CCE that meets our credential renewal requirements.

Q: Do I have to take the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) to renew my credential?

A: No, the CKA is only required for new individual credential applications.

Q: I renewed my membership. Do I still have to renew my credential?

A: ICF Membership renewal and ICF Credential renewal are completely separate processes and fees. Membership is renewed annually and is due for renewal March 31 of each year. ICF Credentials are renewed every three years and are due December 31 of the year the credential expires.

Q: My credential is due for renewal but I want to apply for a higher credential. Which application should I purchase?

A: It is not possible to upgrade to a higher credential via the credential renewal application. If you wish to pursue a higher credential, you will need to submit that individual credential application.

Q: My credential is due for renewal but I want to apply for a higher credential. Do I still need to renew my current credential?

A: In order to prevent a lapse in credentials, we recommend that you apply for the higher credential before your current credential is due for renewal.

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