Ian Thomson

Thank you for an exceptional learning event over the past few days. I left the course absolutely exhausted. I do not know if this was due to lack of days off in the last couple of weeks or simply the high demands of the course. Regardless, I am having a day with my Glasgow client and then leaving for Dubai at 6am tomorrow morning. Yes, I know anything to get away from the freezing temperatures. My head is buzzing with systemic leadership; I have been on Amazon buying some of the books; I have been searching the internet for a couple of articles to take away with me; I am letting my unconscious mind work on the questionnaire that will form part of my project and I keep thinking about my courses and how I can ensure that the systemic dimension is usefully captured. All in all, one of the best three day courses I have attended and a confirmation not only of the value of the MSc but the value of the content. I am looking forward to the next module with you.
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