Modelling Winning Performance


Modelling Winning Performance™ is an Appreciative Inquiry approach, playing to strengths, discovering what makes individuals, teams and organisations achieve and surpass the results they require and how to distil that success into a model which can ensure even greater performance.
It takes account of factors related to success and is used to define positive culture in organisations.
It is based upon investigation of the thoughts and actions related to superb performance and the creation of a map bringing them all together, which benchmarks human behaviours and organisational practice.

Working together we :

  • Define challenges and opportunities
  • Identify criteria and the Best Performers
  • Interview the Best Performers, to identify Performance Keys ™
  • Use psychometric profiling to determine the temperamental and behavioural ingredients for success
  • Create the Winning Performance Model and review it with senior management
  • Provide training
  • Publicise the Model

It is a process that allows clients to make the most of the intellectual capital that is already present in their organisations and truly mine the knowledge and expertise that drives the performance of their best individuals, departments or business units. It enables us to model individuals, teams or whole sites.
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