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Outsourcing Human Resources Functions

More and more companies are taking a value adding approach to their Human Resources Functions. Driven by a need for compliance with ever more demanding legislation, and a need to manage commercial complexity, organisations are taking a strategic view to either free up management time by outsourcing operational HR and administration, or conversely to retain the administration and outsource the big picture e.g. executive succession, workforce planning and organisational development.

The Performance Solution offers a totally flexible approach, underpinned by measurable service level agreements to provide an effective in-house HR service. Our aim is to offer a mutually beneficial and cohesive strategic alliance.

Outsourced services could include:

  • HR Strategic planning and review
  • Legislative advice and employee handbook design
  • Training needs analysis
  • Daily, weekly, monthly or annual HR Management
  • Employee development activities at all levels
  • Employee reward and recognition schemes
  • Performance measurement and developing performance management systems
  • Recruitment

Our commitment is very much to add value rather than adopt a ‘cost down’ strategy, and our preferences are to work with our clients on their premises wherever possible to ensure our employees live the ‘client brand’ and thus provide a totally integrated customer centric service.

HR Outsourcing is about gaining the same care, commitment and bottom-line attention for your people management as you give to your core business. We train our people to fit your company’s environment for seamless operation through an open and honest partnership. Read Dr Sally Vanson’s book “The Challenge of Outsourcing Human Resources” before considering a total outsource service.

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