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Are you looking for professional coach training?

Are you looking for leadership and organisational development?

Are you looking for a professional coach?

We partner with you to get as much balance and alignment as possible in your personal and organisational life, working with you as an individual, a team or a whole entity. We provide a developmental pathway that enables leaders, managers and coaches to enhance their skills in coaching, mentoring, coach supervision, leadership and organisational development. Our approach is designed to challenge professionals towards fulfilling their potential.

We provide open courses, in-house training, individual coaching and mentoring and of course coach supervision for the professional and in-house coach.

The Performance Solution is an international niche coaching practice headquartered in the U.K. and working in Australia, Germany,  Kenya (Nairobi), The Netherlands,  Norway, Saudi Arabia, UAE (Dubai) and USA (California and New York).

Professional Coach Development Courses


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Integrity and safe practice are vitally important to us. We offer robust and fully accredited professional coach development courses  which can take you from being a beginner to post-graduate or accredited professional coach. We excel in coach supervisor training.

All our courses can be tailored for in-house managers who coach and/or mentor as part of their role and for professional in-house coaches. Our consultancy team can partner with you to develop in-house coaching and/or mentoring frameworks.

Assessment Tools


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The Performance Solution offers a range of assessments that are flexible enough to meet your requirements. The assessments are available on their own or as part of a bespoke solution for coaching and development, team building, leadership progression, recruitment selection and organisational development. We offer most of the well known interventions as well as the innovative iWAM and Extended DISC questionnaires.

Coach & Mentor Supervision


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We support individual or small group coach supervision for the professional coach, and other specialist functions e.g. the HR Manager, Lawyers and others working with challenging human situations.

Professional Coaching

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We believe the best reason for working with The Performance Solution is we are passionate. We partner with you in professional, confidential and performance enhancing coaching for one-to-one, pairs or group sessions.

Choosing the right training course for you

To ensure quality training, the International Coaching Federation accredits or approves coach-training programs that meet its high standards.

The Performance Solution is accredited by the International Coaching Federation and the Association for Coaching as well as offering ILM courses.

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