Introduction to Sandplay & Clean Language 27 Sept 2018


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Thursday 27th September 2018 at Bailbrook House Hotel, Bath
Each day will run from 9.30am—6.00pm (latest) with coffee breaks and 1 hr for lunch.

This course is for coaches, NLP practitioners or therapists who are looking for a new way to work with clients.


Clean language is a way of working with individuals and groups that enables the coach, easily and elegantly to keep his/her own presuppositions, assumptions and metaphors out of the conversation, as far as possible, avoiding leading the client and so enhancing work with the client’s perceptions at the very deepest level.

This technique can be used with, or separately to, Sandplay. The technique of Sandplay allows you to work with clients in a safe environment where issues can be externalized through metaphor and can be literally overcome.

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