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Generative collaboration

There has been a lot of discussion and research about the nature of intelligence and how the way we use our various intelligences affect our success both in life and in the organizational world. When Robert Dilts (1999) started researching what made the difference between successful and underperforming individuals and teams, he made several notable…

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Record Keeping: Performance, Conduct & Ethics

Record Keeping: Performance, Conduct & Ethics Adapted from an article by Emma Pratt – October 27, 2016 In this digital age issues around record keeping are often a source of angst and sometimes confusion for coaches. Throw in the data protection and privacy laws that prevail in different geographies and guidance provided by professional bodies…

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Being the best associate you can be

Having recently run a workshop on how ICF competences overlap with management and leadership competences and are therefore just as applicable for an in-house coach as an external one, I suddenly realized that they are also applicable to those wanting to be a great associate (a person who works as a self-employed resource for another…

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Evolving silo working to collaboration

Years of corporate experience informs my observation that senior professionals work very much as ‘individual experts or brands’ rather than as part of the professional service firm. Previous research underpinning the context is limited, although developing as the time for change approaches. Putting the individual ahead of the firm in this way leads to divisiveness…

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Getting Qualified as a Coach Supervisor with ILM Level 7

Coach Supervision is becoming vital in the professional practice of coaching. Tender documents now ask for supervised coaches and often request a reference from the coach supervisor.  The CIPD report on coach supervision suggests that coaches and organisers have different views about the benefits of coaching supervision. Coaches are interested in making themselves more effective, while…

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Welcome to students from Lycée D’ARTAGNAN

Welcome to students from Lycée D’ARTAGNAN – Nogaro in The Gers, SW France. Next week they will interview Sally Vanson in English about the similarities and differences of living and also running businesses in UK and France and the cultural differences between France and English speaking countries. They will then write up their answers and…

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Professional versus entrepreneur

Whether a lawyer, accountant, junior doctor or professional coach, the definition of professional work is transient and depends on the challenges and make-up of the groups and a detailed analysis of professionalism and power. When examining the relationship between professionalism, knowledge, the state, social stratification, organizations, bureaucracy and social power (Abbot, 1988; Hanlon,1993; Macdonald, 1996;…

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Day to day Allignment ….

I spent this morning reading two journals from a professional development organisation. What started off as a curiosity and relaxing half hour with a coffee, quickly became a deeper reflective exercise. There were numerous articles about individuals which read as egotistical narrative CVs. Written with a huge ‘past’ orientation, they were celebrating the contributions of…

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Psychoanalytic approaches to coaching, leadership and culture

This short essay by Dr Simon Western addresses Jacques Lacan’s famous comment “don’t give up on your desire”. The first part discusses the meaning of this statement, and also how it is misread. The second part offers a coaching case study to show a practical application. “Don’t give up on your desire” is often misunderstood as a…

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TPS’s Skype coaching, mentoring and coach supervision service

Following recent concerns about security and travel, within Europe and especially in cities, The Performance Solution has expanded our Skype coaching, mentoring and coach supervision service. Our professionally qualified coaches are now available for Skype appointments and these are being offered at preferential rates to take account of reduced travel time and costs.   Several…

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